Here’s what I Paid in Taxes in 2019. What Did You Pay?

I’m creator and host of the radio show/podcast Our Body Politic, centering the political and cultural power of Black women and all women of color. And as part of our next show, we want to hear from you what you made and paid in taxes. You can do that by recording a voice memo on your phone, and emailing it to (Voice memos sound a LOT better than voicemails. Here’s some tips on recording voice memos.)

My voice memo would be: “I’m Farai. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I work for a foundation and also do freelance journalism. I earned $126,951. I paid $20,561 in federal taxes.”

Radio show/podcast “Our Body Politic” @ Covered every Presidential election 1996–2020. Books include “The Episodic Career.”

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