The Rise of the New White Nationalism and Inadequate Establishment Whiteness Response

I’m posting this essay, which I wrote right after the 2016 election results, because I’ve begun to speak more openly about how constrained I was in covering racial resentment and white nationalism during my time at FiveThirtyEight. On October 2, 2015, I wrote a very factual and, in my mind, innocuous story about how Jeb Bush’s rhetoric about blacks and “free stuff” was a racial dog whistle. Nate Silver, the founder and editorial director, then called me into the office on my day off, and told me that at FiveThirtyEight they didn’t go cherry-picking the facts to fit their thesis. …


Farai Chideya

Radio show/podcast “Our Body Politic” @ Covered every Presidential election 1996–2016. Books include “The Episodic Career.”

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